Community Repair

We want to help bring about a change in the way we relate to repair and reuse. Some aspects of our environment work against this aim – parts of our community need a little TLC to help people get together for the common good.

Some parts of our environment are obviously broken, like our pavements and some are invisibly so, like our air quality.

We want to address each of the aspects where we think we can make a positive difference.

That’s one reason why we have started, alongside our regular Repair Cafés, a ‘Social Cinema’ – a free event where local people can have a nice time together watching a movie, getting to know one another in a ‘can do’ atmosphere.

Where possible, we publish a list of suggested movies in advance and ask members to vote on what we screen. This reinforces the idea that people can play a direct part in what happens and see the results. Here’s what we’ve screened at the Broadwater Farm Community Centre so far

As a response to try to help our community repair itself in the light of the Climate Crisis, we’ve installed an air quality monitor on a lamp post in the Broadwater Farm Estate where many of our other events take place. Data here.