Cookie Policy

Cookies on our website

Cookies are files saved on your phone, tablet or computer when you visit a website.

We use cookies to collect and store information about how you use our website and digital services, such as the pages you visit: ‘digital services’ means any page with in the URL.

This page has a brief explanation of each type of cookie we use. If you want more details, read our detailed cookie information.

Cookie settings

We use 4 types of cookie. You can choose which cookies you’re happy for us to use.

Cookies that measure website use

We use Google Analytics cookies to measure how you use and our digital services.

These cookies collect information about:

  • how you got to these sites
  • the pages you visit and how long you spend on each page
  • what you click on while you’re visiting these sites

We also use monitoring software cookies to measure your web performance experience while visiting

Software cookies collect and store information about how well pages performed on your device, including whether there were any performance bottlenecks or JavaScript errors.

We do not allow external sites to use or share the data about how you use these sites.

Cookies that help with our communications and marketing

These cookies may be set by third party websites and do things like measure how you view YouTube videos that are on

Cookies that remember your settings

These cookies do things like remember your preferences and the choices you make, to personalise your experience of using the site.

Strictly necessary cookies

These essential cookies do things like remember your progress through a form (for example a licence application)

They always need to be on.

Detailed Information

GOV.UK puts small files (known as ‘cookies’) onto your computer to collect information about how you browse the site. Find out more about the cookies we use, what they’re for and when they expire.

Cookies that measure website use

We use Google Analytics cookies and a software cookie to collect information about how you use

We use the following Google Analytics cookies on

_gaThese help us count how many people visit and our digital services by tracking if you’ve visited before2 years
_gidThese help us count how many people visit and our digital services by tracking if you’ve visited before24 hours
_ga_MZ43HNTZSZUsed by Google Analytics to find and track an individual session with your device2 years

You can opt out of Google Analytics cookies by installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

You can read Google’s overview of data practices within Google Analytics.

Our Privacy Notice has more information about the data we collect using Google Analytics cookies and information we receive from other digital services.

We also set our own cookie to understand how people move through the site:

analytics_next_page_callThis lets us know the next page you visit on, so we can make journeys betterWhen you close your browser

Our software may set the following cookie:

sz_uidThis lets us understand the web performance you experience while on haringeyfixers.org1 day or 30 minutes of inactivity

Comparing different versions of a webpage

We sometimes use analytics to try out different versions of pages to see which work better for users (‘multivariate testing’). We’ll save a cookie so that you consistently see the same version when browsing

The cookie name will change but will be in the form ‘ABTest-[Test name]’ where the ‘Test name’ describes which part of is being tested.

This type of cookie will usually expire after between 1 and 4 weeks, but this may be longer for more in-depth tests.

If you have not opted in to this type of cookie, you’ll see the standard version of the page being tested.

JavaScript detection

We measure how many people visiting are using JavaScript, so that the site works for as many users as possible.

JS-DetectionThis tells us if you are browsing while running JavaScript1 year

Cookies that help with our communications and marketing

Some pages may contain content from other sites, like YouTube or Twitter, which may set their own cookies. These sites are sometimes called ‘third party’ services. This tells us how many people are seeing the content and whether it’s useful.

In addition, if you share a link to a page, the service you share it on (for example, Facebook) may set a cookie. We have no control over cookies set on other websites – you can turn them off, but not through us.

YouTube videos

We use YouTube to show videos on some pages. YouTube sets cookies when you visit one of these pages.

_use_hitboxThis is a randomly generated number that identifies your browserWhen you close your browser
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVELets YouTube count the views of embedded YouTube videos9 months

Cookies that remember your settings

These cookies do things like remember your preferences and the choices you make, to personalise your experience of using

Messages across

We might display a message on all pages to tell you about an important event or situation. We’ll save a cookie that will let us know how many times you’ve seen it, or if you’ve dismissed it.

global_bar_seenRemembers the number of times you’ve seen the message, or if you’ve dismissed it12 weeks


We will sometimes select users to take part in a survey, for example our performance survey. If you take part, or dismiss the survey, we’ll save a cookie that lets us know you’ve seen the message so that we do not show it to you again.

govuk_taken[NameOfSurvey]Saves a message to remember if you’ve taken the survey or dismissed it4 months
govuk_surveySeen[NameOfSurvey]Saves a message to remember how many times you’ve seen the survey2 years

We use survey software to collect responses to surveys. If you take part, the software will save extra cookies to track your progress on their website.

Browser upgrade prompt

We set a cookie the first time you visit to let us know you’ve visited once.

If you’re using an out-of-date browser the next time you visit, we’ll show you a message suggesting you upgrade.

We’ll also save a cookie that lets us know you do not want to see the prompt if you dismiss it.

hf_not_first_visitStops us prompting you to upgrade an out-of-date browser until after your first visit28 days
hf_browser_upgrade_dismissedSaves a message to let us know you’ve seen and dismissed the browser upgrade prompt28 days

Your location

We may give you the option of saving your home nation on pages where guidance is different if you’re in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland (for example, the UK bank holidays page).

If you save your location, we’ll save a cookie to your device so we can show you the most relevant information next time you visit that page.

user_nationRemembers if you saved your location on pages that can be adjusted based on your home nation365 days

Strictly necessary cookies

Your progress when applying for a licence

When you use some of our forms, we’ll set a cookie to remember your progress through the forms. These cookies do not store your personal data and are deleted once you’ve completed the transaction.

hform_sessionSet to remember information you’ve entered into a form when applying for a licenceWhen you close your browser

Contacting GOV.UK

hf_contact_referrerThis lets us know the last page you visited before using the contact form1 day email subscriptions

If you sign up to receive email notifications from, we will save a cookie if you change your subscriptions. This cookie is deleted when you close your browser.

email-alert-frontend_sessionThis remembers you as you change your email subscriptionsWhen you close your browser

Cookies message

You may see a banner when you visit inviting you to accept cookies or review your settings. We’ll set cookies so that your computer knows you’ve seen it and not to show it again, and also to store your settings.

cookies_policySaves your cookie consent settings1 year
cookies_preferences_setLets us know that you’ve saved your cookie consent settings1 year